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CFD Services offered by Applied CFD

Applied CFD is using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools and methodology to provide practical solutions for industrial customers. 

 PuzzleApplied CFD provides solutions in the following areas:
  • CFD analysis, modeling, simulation, parametric studies.
  • Investigating competing equipment bids and 'what if scenarios'.
  • Virtual prototyping, design and process optimization. R&D of patents.
  • Customized software, dedicated CFD models.
  • CFD outsourcing, subcontracting services. 
combustion: fuel jet in crossflowOur goal is to:
  • Offer our customers high value added consulting services.
  • Increase competitive edge through technological advantage.
  • Present rationale for business decision making process.
  • Provide tangible return on investment.

Our area of expertise covers:
  • Power PlantIndustries: petrochemical, chemical, power generation, utilities, energy, oil&gas, pulp and paper, metallurgical, advanced material, biomedical, HVAC, environmental, material processing.
  • Systems and components: ducting, ports, burners, boilers, furnaces, kilns, incinerators, heaters, cooling elements, heat exchangers, SCR, FGR, mixers, sprayers, injectors, chemical reactors.
  • Turbulent fluid flow and heat transfer, radiation, reactive flows, combustion, emissions, multiphase flows.

Combustion Modeling Includes

Boiler Modeling:
low NOx boiler, fuel staging, air staging, flue gas recirculation, excess air, fuel air mixing, exit oxygen, hot spots, uniform flow pattern, particulate carry-over, coal to gas conversion, water wall surface temperature, superheater heat exchange, gas radiation, flame impingement, tangentially fired boiler, burner, air port, full load, partial load. [1, 2]

Kiln Modeling:
Pulp and Paper industry kiln, cement kiln, flame shaping, secondary air, primary air, multi fuel, gas oil and coal/petroleum coke, ncg lance injection, non condensible gas stream, low NOx kiln burner, spinner, swirl.

Windbox Modeling:
fan to burner/furnace flow modeling, circumferentially uniform air flow, flow control devices, baffles, vanes, perforated plates, combustion air flow optimization, low pressure drop dp.

Turbine Diffuser Exit to HRSG Ducting, Duct Burner 
gas temperature distribution, flow uniformity, pressure recovery, pressure loss, hot spots, recirculation zones, distribution grid, vanes, duct burner castings, duct burner elements, heat recovery steam generator.

Flue Gas Recirculation Ducting:
FGR injection, mixing box, manifold, plenum, pressure drop, pressure loss, multiple fans, ducting network, FGR air mixing.

Fuel Spray Modeling:
steam atomization, compressed air atomization, mechanical atomization, spray pattern, droplets sizes distribution, spray and combustion air mixing.

Biomass Boiler, Biomass Combustion:
bark boiler, biomass boiler, traveling grate, wood chip chutes, secondary air, corn husks, incineration, carry-over, biomass emissions, wet fuel. [1]

Recovery Boiler:
black liquor, elemental analysis, proximate analysis, spray pattern, evaporation, devolatilization, pyrolysis, char  combustion, primary, secondary tertiary level air ports, particulate carry-over, NOx emissions, center core gas flow, char bed, horizontal mixing zone, interlaced air ports. [1, 2, 3]

gas and oil burner, gas injection, gas spuds, gas drillings, center gun, radial spuds, gas lances, spinner, swirler, recirculation zone, combustion air and natural gas mixing, premixed burner, partially premixed burner, air  fuel ratio AFR, fuel to air ratio FRA, equivalence ratio, ignition, lean combustion, rich combustion, flame quenching, flame extinction, steam injection, combustion instabilities, turn-down ratio.

Direct Injection Diesel, Spark Ignition SI Engine:
fuel air mixture, diesel #2 injection, fuel evaporation, round per minute RPM, piston bowl, bottom dead center, ignition, intake valve, exhaust manifold, Kiva.

Combustion Modeling:
eddy breakup model, Magnussen model, diffusion mixing controlled combustion, premixed combustion, mixed is burnt, probability density function - PDF, burning velocity model - BVM, convection, radiation, thermophysical gas properties, thermal boundary layer,  turbulent combustion, Ansys CFX, Fluent.

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